Finally had a chance to check back in from the event and I must say, the Yelp Hipstory party was awesome!   The event for Yelp Elite was held at The Charleston Museum!  What a backdrop with every decked in historic outfits !    Here is a excerpt from the Charleston Museum’s website!

“The South Carolina Lowcountry has always been home to a cast of eclectic, unconventional characters – scholars, scientists, scribes, and socialites, revolutionaries and world travelers, collectors, curators. They have been lovers of the established and experimental, the rare, beautiful, odd and unusual. Our history is a blend of beauty and pain, grace and war, great storms and calm seas.

We are a melting pot of cultures and customs, remade with each changing tide. We are writers of a never-ending story that asks life’s most essential question: Who are we?

The search for the answer is our reason for being. So, we dig into attics and archives. We pore over ancient artifacts, journals, and albums. We study, document, preserve, interpret, and share. ”


Be sure to check out the Yelp Hipstory photos and reviews on Yelp! This was an awesome party! Great music from Jaykob Kendrick and Two 3 Ways as well as great food from Persimmons Cafe, Striped Pig Distillery, and many more!