Justin and Heather Mims

Justin and Heather Mims are another happy couple I had the opportunity to spin for!   Their wedding was absolutely AWESOME!    I played a very classic wedding set early and then I bumped it up into full club mode per Heather’s request!   This group were HUGE dancers!   They party did not stop until the very last second!

The wedding reception was held a the Historic Society Hall in downtown Charleston.     Here are a few word from their website:

“The Society then built the South Carolina Society Hall at 72 Meeting Street as a school for female orphans and indigents, and as a meeting place. The first meeting was was held July 24, 1804. The first floor was used to school orphans and indigents, while the second floor was a ballroom for social purposes. In 1826 the first floor became a secondary school with both a Male Academy and Female Academy, both of which closed in 1841. Since then the hall has been used for dance school (“Cotillion”), weddings, bar and bat mitzvahs, and business meetings—as well as a motion picture location”.

Thanks again to Justin and Heather for having me spin!  It was one of the most rocking weddings I’ve done!










Photography by Sean Money and Elizabeth Fray