Ben Lowe Wedding

I had an amazing time spinning the Ben Lowe wedding with OtherBrother entertainment and Winship Productions!  Reese Moore Photography was excellent as well!   Also, Magnolia Plantation is one of my favorite venues and really represents what Charleston is all about!      There’s something about the way the trees on the river at Magnolia Plantation sway in the wind.    It’s quintessential Charleston, I can’ imagine it looking any different a hundred years ago.     The property is very spacious with room for a huge party and due to the location, you can really turn it up!    Winship is the best wedding planner in Charleston, he is so on top of the day to the point every event flows smoothly and seamlessly.       This was a great dancing crowd, the had a very eclectic selection of music with none of the typical cheesy wedding classics!    I feel I could have continued to spin for another couple of hours!  It was that great of a wedding!   Again, congrats to Ben and Sarah for a very special evening of music !   I highly recommend Magnolia Plantation as a venue for the overall space and professionalism of it’s staff!!