Reggaetronic 2017

Reggaetronic 2017 was even BIGGER and BETTER this year with an ELECTRIC LINEUP !  This festival is truly unique, being held on a floating stage and the concert attendees being in boats!   If you haven’t heard,  Reggaetronic 2017 is a fusion of live reggae music with a dose of live electronic DJs.

Reggaetronic is brought to us each year from Electric Promotions and this group assures an all around top experience each year!     This year’s lineup included Pretty Faces Steel Pan Trio,  Lefty at The Washout Ballyhoo, Badfish and Styles and Complete.  

I spent the day with Demi (DM Fitness) and it couldn’t have been a better event!  All of the artists seriously rocked !

Some of the major sponsors for Reggaetronic 2017 were:

Nectar Sunglasses

Charleston Mix  Bloody Mary

Trevor Mercer Photography

Tin Roof Columbia

Southern Range Tree Service

Crossfit Soda City

Tidewater Boats

Reggaetronic 2017