best dj in charleston sc

Best DJ in Charleston SC

DJ Rehab discusses the chirp, beat juggling, and Songs in the Key of Me

Spins and Needles


From the Yorktown Countdown New Year’s Eve Party to your best friend’s wedding, you can find Chris McCoy, better known as DJ Rehab, spinning the hottest parties in Charleston. With an open mind and an ingrained sense of commitment, Rehab has fine-tuned his DJ talents and established a name for himself in the Holy City.

Growing up in small-town Seneca, S.C., Rehab’s exposure to DJing was relatively limited. He didn’t know any DJs. “Nobody around me DJed,” McCoy says. “As a matter of fact, there wasn’t even a store to buy a record at for miles and miles. I would have to drive like an hour if I wanted to buy a record.”

The budding DJ turned to influences such as Jazzy Jeff and Greenville local legend DJ Scientist to make up for the lack of turntable culture in his hometown. Rehab’s scratching techniques and blending methods are reminiscent of his idols. “I really loved it, just the way that they blended seamlessly from start to finish,” McCoy says. “I strive to be like them.”

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