Tara Lipinski and Todd Kapostasy

I don’t even know where to start on this one!    I had the opportunity of a LIFETIME to spin the Tara Lipinski and Todd Kapostasy wedding this weekend!     This post is going to be long because I’m going to tell the story of how I got booked for this!  I’m also going to give you EVERY detail with photos!

First of all, a little backstory of how I managed to land this MEGA wedding!    As many of my friends and peers know, I can sometime be a bit late in checking texts and voicemails!    This is due to the fact that I work full time in a hospital and I dj close to 50 weddings per year!   Throw in my time mixing and remixing and I could really improve on my response time!

The story begins with me seeing an phone number from Beverly Hills on my messages!  This peaked my interest as most spam calls don’t originate from an exclusive community like this!   I decided to listen to the call and sure enough,  it was Tara Lipinski herself inquiring about my services!      I IMMEDIATELY called her back and she answered promptly;  She asked me to spin her wedding on June 24th!    I was BESIDE myself with excitement!    There was only one catch!   I was already booked on this date!  I WAS SO BUMMED!

Even though I was booked,  I just knew that I had to MAKE THIS HAPPEN!    So I jumped on the phone and hired one of my colleagues to help me spin the other wedding, which allowed me to exit my earlier about 30 minutes early!  I was so very lucky Tara wanted me to start very late!  Around 11:30pm!    So in the end, I actually dj’ed TWO wedding in one day!   Normally I wouldn’t recommend this but I knew I may never get this chance again!

So now that Tara and Todd’s wedding was a go,  I began communicating with MINDY WEISS PARTY CONSULTANTS!   And yes I’m yelling because these are THE GO TO PLANNERS for celebrities!    This list of stars she has planned for is so long that I can’t begin to list them here!

Now, as Tara was giving me the info of her wedding, she mentioned that PEOPLE MAGAZINE would be covering her wedding from start to finish!     I was in DISBELIEF that a wedding that I was spinning would be in a major magazine!   I’m was beyond excited and a little terrified as well!   But mostly excited!     I’m going to post the video People Magazine made for Tara and Todd’s wedding below!   Do yourself a favor and watch this video!    You have NEVER seen a wedding like this!

This wedding was so beyond what I have ever seen or could have expected!    I’m going to post some of the wedding shots directly from Tara’s Instagram below!    Pure insanity and decadence in every way!  Be sure to swipe to see more!


Finally,  I’m going to mention some of the incredible vendors I had to pleasure to work with in person, starting with a very special one!     Technical Event Company of right here in Charleston TRULY crushed the lighting and décor at Tara and Todd’s wedding!   And I owe them a special THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart as Becky ( an employee of TEC) recommended me for this wedding!   That’s right, it’s all because of TEC and Becky that I even got this show!     THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!


I also witnessed the most insane arsenal of flowers at Tara and Todd’s wedding that I have ever witnessed at any event , so I’m going have to give a huge shout out to Jackson Durham Events!     I will be posting some photos below of the utter perfection they achieved!

One of the coolest things about Tara and Todd’s wedding was the use of LOCAL vendor such as myself!   At any wedding, one of the most important vendors is the catering!  Tara hired Cru Catering !  Cru is by FAR my favorite caterer in Charleston!  I’m so happy Tara and Todd provided full vendor meals !   I had the best vendor meal of ALL TIME at this wedding!  I was super nervous about this wedding, yet the food was so amazing that I cleaned my plate!    That’s a first!!!

Another exciting vendor that I was able to meet and greet was the incredible band supplied by Elan Artists.   Elan Artists are one of the top entertainment booking agencies in the WORLD.      They supply next level musicians and DJs to mega events like this and they did not disappoint!

I also want to mention another local group of musicians that provided entertainment for Todd and Tara throughout their array of events here in Charleston!     The Dave Higgins Band is one of Charleston’s favorite bands and they provided an incredible performance for cocktail hour and the rehearsal dinner!

I wish I could mention every single vendor and famous person I met on this adventure!  But I don’t have enough time or space on my site for it!     So I’m including some photos below I found around the web!      Thank you again to Tara and Todd for booking me!   It was truly a magical night !!

Tara Lipinski and Todd KapostacyTara Lipinki and Todd Kapostacy

Tara Lipinksi and Todd KapostasyTara and Todd