Rave The Roof

Rave The Roof was a rock solid success across the board!  This event was held at the Rooftop 210 bar in the Epicenter . The format was a silent disco, and if you’ve never seen this type of event- you’re missing out!  Each DJ has their own channel playing though headphones which the audience has a choice of listening to by changing channels.   We played a huge variety of music and the fun part is watching the crowd change colors (each channel is a different color) throughout the night.  I literally played every type of music from hip-hop to classic rock to electronic music.

      The crowd vibed the entire night and there was not one moment when the dance floor wasn’t packed.    The weather was amazing cool and there was zero rain which lead to line of about 200 people the entire night  .It was definitely one of the most enjoyable gigs I’ve done.  I want to give a huge shoutout to DJ Supaskip for booking me!  I’m looking forward to several more shows in the future in the Charlotte area so stayed tuned!