Niles and Michele Corley

I had an amazing time spinning the wedding of Niles and Michele Corley up in beautiful Long Creek, SC.    I have been friends with Niles for a very long time and it was an honor to be chosen on their special day.      Niles and Michele had a very specific idea of how they wanted their wedding ceremony and reception to be.  It was a pleasure working with Niles and Michele!  They are such good people!

The wedding was held Chattooga Belle Farm and this was an excellent venue!     The food was absolutely amazing!     Chattooga Belle Farm sits atop a tall mountain with views of the vineyard and Blue Ridge Mountains!    It was an unbelievably picturesque scene!    It was an unusually cold evening but the venue provided nice space heaters for the guests.  Once the music got going, the dancing really warmed up the venue!

I also provided the uplighting for Niles and Michele.   I chose a white lighting to accent the wood walls of the venue and it really created a romantic atmosphere!     It was nice to see a group of people come together and overcome some tricky weather and make an event truly magic!  I have no doubt Nile and Michele with live happily ever after!