Nika & Ben





Nika & Ben

It’s always a pleasure to spin the wedding of people you care about!  I’ve known Nika & Ben for a very long time, and I’m so honored they chose me to DJ their magnificent wedding at Wingate Place! 

This was one of, if not the most beautiful wedding design I’ve ever witnessed.    And that is saying a lot-I’ve dj’ed well over 500 weddings!   A-Lisk Events did a spectacular job coordinating the color scheme!     Also Tanis Jackson really made the design pop with incredible draping!   

The Kuhlmans had a very large crowd and they came ready to dance!   The floor was packed and I was setup in the most beautiful DJ booth I’ve ever seen.    It was such and easy and fun night of classic wedding dance songs and just pure energy!    Thank you again to Nika & Ben! 

Photography:  Alison Bell Photography

Draping:  Tanis J Events

Venue: Wingate Place

Planner:   A-Lisk Events 

Catering:  Rosemary and Rye

Ceremony music:  Kathleen Wilson

Lighting:  JKL Events

Bar:  Squeeze Cocktail

Florist: O.K. Florist