Mr. and Mrs. Will and Holly Wilson

I had an amazing experience spinning for Mr. and Mrs. Will and Holly Wilson on their special day!     Will and Holly’s music selection was TOP NOTCH!    It was easily some of the best music I’ve played at ANY wedding in my 17 years!

Will and Holly were married at The Golf Club at Wescott and this venue never fails to impress!    I’ve worked several events here and the staff are some of the best around!   I had the opportunity to up-light the room and it really added that extra bit of elegance to complete an already well decorated reception!

As soon as I read Will and Holly’s music selection, I knew I wanted to really do my absolute best for them!   Many of their favorite artists were the EXACT artists I loved growing up!    It’s VERY rare for me to actually love all of the music I play at a wedding!     Atlantic Starr,  Phil Collins, Bel Biv Devoe, Prince, Usher, Journey , Al Green,  Earth Wind and Fire, Boyz II Men and many more of the best artists of the last 30 years filled the air with joy and happiness!

Victorious Photography were on hand to capture the day, and as a matter of fact, they took the main photo for this blog post!   Absolutely stellar work!!    Highly recommended!