Melanie and Rod

Melanie and Rod


There are some weddings that I really look forward to and there are some that I’m honored to spin!     With Melanie and Rod ,  there’s definitely a bit of both!    I’m so thankful they brought me back home to spin, as I don’t get home as often as I would like!

Melanie and Rod’s reception was a picture perfect setting in the hills of the Upstate of South Carolina!   I know these roads!   The fields, the landmarks, the PEOPLE are all my home.      I figured the wedding would be a reunion!   But what I didn’t expect was one of the best dance parties I’ve done.

The GREAT thing about this wedding was that family and friends danced NON-STOP!     I really knew this crowd so playing to them was incredibly FUN.    Everything from James Brown to Outkast to Prince was played!  Nothing GOOD was off the table!   I could only dream of a life of weddings like this one!

Cotton Creek Photography was on hand to photograph the wedding and I’ll let the photography speak for itself!  Selena Isbell Martin is an incredible photographer!     She was super organized and was literally in the right place at the right time the entire night!  Thank you for your hard work!

Melanie and RodMelanie and RodMelanie and RodMelanie and Rod

Vendor Listing

Photography:  Cotton Creek Photography

Catering :  Catering by Sherry Lay

Cake :   4 C’s Bakery

Wedding Planner:  Theresa Hamm

Makeup:  Anna Duncan Black

Minister:  Joel Hendricks