Charleston Wine and Food Festival

Occasionally you have those fun events that reinvigorate your craft and give you a new outlook on your profession.       This was the type of event I did for the Charleston Wine and Food Festival this weekend!    Charleston Wine and Food throw a festival in Charleston every year and it’s MASSIVE!

The event I spun was called What the Pho? and I must say it was easily the best event I’ve played in Charleston since New Year’s Eve.    The crowd came ready to truly party and the cold weather did not dampen their excitement AT ALL!    From the second the beat dropped, the dance floor was completely slammed!

I played literally every genre and even had the sometimes uppity food and wine crowd lit to the drops of my own Shape Of You remix and even classic hip-hop.     My collection was wide open and I got very few requests the entire night!    You know an event is amazing when you run out of business cards halfway through the show!

I wanted to take a moment to thank the great folks at Charleston Wine and Food for having me! This was easily the best event of 2017 that I’ve done!   Super classy and just really all I could have asked for.      Check the picture below for a great snapshot into my evening!

Charleston Wine and Food Festival

Charleston Wine and Food Festival With Dj Rehab

What the Pho? was an Asian inspired event where 10 of the best Chefs in Charleston put their own take on the classic Pho dish.    The energy level was at a 10 from the start!