Byron and Brittney Neal at Middleton Place

Byron and Brittney Neal at Middleton Place


Simply put, Byron and Brittney had the most picture perfect wedding of 2017 for Rehab Events!    It wasn’t just the setting that made this wedding amazing, it was the music!   This was the first wedding that I’ve done an all electronic cocktail hour and I loved Byron and Brittney’s music choices so much that I recorded the mix!   The mix can be found on both my Souncloud and APP.

The reception was also a HUGE dance party, the best of 2017 as well!    Everything under the sun was played from Motown to Top 40 and even EDM!  Byron and Brittney’s friends and family danced non-stop until the last moment allowed by the folks at the venue.

Speaking of venues,  Byron and Brittney chose the best venue in Charleston,  Historic Middleton Place!    Middleton Place captures the true lowcountry feel better than any venue in Charleston,  from the sweeping views from the gardens to the beautiful ponds and marsh.    The ceremony was absolutely beautiful and the cocktail hour was a scenic as any I’ve done in 18 years!    Be sure to check the photography below!

Decorus Photography had multiple people on hand to capture the day from every angle possible!   I really appreciated seeing them roaming the grounds and getting right in the middle of the action during the dancing portion!    This is some of the best photography I’ve seen in all of my years in the wedding business!

Beautiful Bride Events did the planning and Tassia Davis didn’t disappoint.   She was on top of everything during the day!  Tassia and her team made the day at Middleton stress free.  This is of particular importance at Middleton Place as everything is so spread out.

Congrats again to Byron and Brittney!    This was a wedding I’ll never forget and I’m very thankful to have been a part!